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I'm Asentrix, the creator of both &
I'm a freenom anti-abuse partner, as well as a cybersecurity professional.
I created Runefake as a centralized hub, where the community can come together to stop phishing and hacking on

I'm what people refer to as a "white hat" hacker.
I use my experience to benefit and help others.

I'm a Runescape veteran myself, with over 15 years of experience, 500 days playtime, and the arthritic hands of an 80-year-old man.
Much like most players, I was fed up with the massive ongoing phishing issue on Runescape.
Nothing seemed to be getting done to prevent phishing/hacking, so I started to see what I could do.
Phishers would upload phishing videos to youtube, directing victims to go to the link in the description to claim a prize, so what I started doing was uploading my own videos with the same name, but my videos warned potential victims.

This proved extremely effective, but the amount of phishing content was too much for me to deal with on my own, so I created
This was the first website I created that was dedicated to preventing Runescape phishing. Although both and Runefake share the same goal, the technology used back then to detect phishing content was much more simplistic.

I developed software to automatically scan and monitor youtube for certain keywords and links, manually searching for phishing content constantly had become too tedious. had managed to get the attention of a few people also interested in the same thing. I had a few extra hands helping me out, but I felt like I wasn't doing enough.

I took a year away to work on ideas, scanning engines, a new face for the project, and a new mindset.
Eventually, I came back, and the phishing problem had only grown. I launched and began where I left off, but with better software, utilizing API's to scan for content.
I managed to gain attention from multiple Runescape YouTubers, such as Silentc0re. This was my first big break.
Shortly after my website was featured, I started getting offers from people willing to help out.
I created a public discord and opened it to the public. The amount of support and players reaching out, interested in helping fight phishing was remarkable.
Eventually the next big change came when an experienced member "Legis" contacted me in-game.
He had connections and capabilities I didn't, which helped us grow even more. After offers his skills and connections, we were able to knock things into 6th gear.
With his ability to take down youtube videos as a trusted youtube flagger and a freenom anti-abuse partner, we began wiping phishing content out at an astronomical rate.

Now we just go day by day, attacking phishing content wherever we find it.