Staying Safe From Hackers
On Runescape

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In todays day and age it’s extremely easy to get hacked or fall for a scam such as phishing. Virus’s are a dime a dozen, back in 2016 “statisticbrain” reported that 16 million households had serious virus problems in the past 2 years alone! Not only that, but the expected annual cost to households due to malware and phishing is an astonishing $4.55 billion!!

Today, I’ll be showing you how to keep yourself safe, with the finest security tools available.

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Remote Access Trojan

RATs &

These are by far the most common virus found on modern computers that are infected.
Often disguised as the legitimate version of the program the user is searching for, or attached to it. These can be among the most tedious to deal with and remove.
Running into a bad RAT can be devastating, and typically leads to massive loss of data.

Using the right tools, we can avoid and completely protect ourselves from these sorts of threats
Here's a list of all the tools we need!

Eset Smart Security

Eset smart security is hands down the best antivirus software.
I've tested probably close to 50 or so antivirus products throughout my life and the only other anti-virus that comes close to eset is Kaspersky, maybe.

Spyshelter Firewall

Spyshelter & Spyshelter firewall take security to the next level.
It protects you from keylogging, web-cam monitoring, clipboard stealing,unauthorized application execution and more, honestly amazing!

Hitman Pro Alert

Hitman Pro Alert offers what most antivirus/anti-malware don't
From patching software and applications from exploits, to disguising your PC as a malware researching laboratory, so malware self terminates, really unique and powerful.

Spotting The Fake


Although it may not seem as dangerous as a keylogger or RAT, phishing can still cripple anyone or any company and business. Security wise, not much can be done to stop phishing completely.New phishing sites are born every second, as well as new methods to phish

The best tool you can use against phishing is your judgment, and always be suspicions, if something seems too good to be true it probably is.

Phishers know most people are on the lookout for phishing, so what they like to do most of the time is social engineer their victims into falling for the scam,typically by offering fake rewards such as money.

It’s important that we report any phishing content we find, to protect others from falling for the scam!

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The unavoidable hack!

Database breaches

Despite our best efforts, we can't protect data that's stored on 3rd party websites, and often the data we store ends up in a security breach.

A good example of this is the recent equifax data breach, or the myspace breach from 2016
Here's some statistics about database breaches

  • 9,727,967,988 records have been leaked since April, 2018
  • 5,029,973 records are breached every day
  • 209,582 records are leaked every hour
  • Only 4% of all data is encrypted in the breaches.

The only time we control this data is before we submit it to a website, this is the most important time to secure what we send.
That's why I highly suggest you use randomly generated passwords, and store your passwords in a password manager such as lastpass, or Dashlane.

Password managers often auto-fill login forms for popular websites for you, rather than have you enter the login information manually.
This is more secure and convenient than entering data manually.

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Helpful Tips

  • Absolutely Never visit a link a stranger sends you.
    Always be on the lookout for unsafe content.

  • If someone messages you offering you player moderator, immediately block and report them.

  • Runescape mobile HAS NOT BEEN RELEASED YET
    Any website claiming mobile beta is available on their website is lying.

  • Scammers will try to social engineer you!
    This means they will trick you into doing things for them, stay alert!

    - Legis #PhishingRS