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About Runefake

Runefake started out as a small volunteer group dedicated to preventing phishing on Runescape. We're a group of Runescape players and veterans who want to put an end to hacking on Runescape. With over a decade of security experience behind us, we work tirelessly to help cleanup the game, ensuring a fun and worthwhile experience!

What is Runefake
And what do we do?

Here's a few things we're good at!

Phishing Content Discovery

We use over 20 scanning engines to detect and take down phishing content as soon as it goes up.
The majority of phishing content is taken down before before it reaches the public.
Our engines scan automatically 24/7 to ensure maximum efficiency and security.

Fund Protection

We communicate with Jagex directly and ensure any hijacked accounts get locked and investigated.
If any wealth is removed from the account, the accounts who receive the wealth will be issued a permanent ban and the gold removed.

Social Media Protection

We automatically monitor most social media platforms for any runescape related phishing content and take it down immediately.
Some of these include Youtube, Facebook, Twitch and more!